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The Saxophone Warm Air Warm-Up

The Saxophone Warm Air-Warm-Up by DN Rhythm
I learned many years ago that the horn needs to warm up to the body temperature of the player as much as the player feels he is warming up his embouchure and fingers. It's also the warm air and moisture being blown into the horn that softens the pads further for a good seal and easy blow. Also the warm air affects the brass allowing it to vibrate more freely. So after we blow for a few minutes we feel we've warmed up, when infact the horn has warmed up to our body temperature also.
Use a nice clean cloth to seal in the warm air.
The cloth should be large enough to seal the bell opening without covering the low B and Bb Tone holes.
Next blow warm air thru the mouthpiece and neck.
Feel the warm heated sax neck attached to the horn while blowing warm air Into the horn.
Continue blowing warm air into the horn while fingering (opening and closing) all pads quickly.
Rub hands together then put warm hands on bell and bottom of sax so those areas get nice and warm for good freely vibrating low notes. Moving the hands helps cover more area

Remove the cloth, your Brass Saxophone is now fully warmed up evenly and vibrating with good frequency. For quick warm-up, use cloth, close pads and blow warm air into the horn and hold bell and bottom.